Health depression search depression symptoms / diagnosis treatment coping share free depression newsletter! Sign up discuss in my forum what is manic depression? By nancy schimelpfening, about. Com guide updated september 01, 2011 about. Com health's disease and condition content is reviewed by the medical review board see more about: bipolar disorder bipolar disorder diagnosis question: what is manic depression? Answer: manic depression is an older term which is used informally to refer to bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder, which is the official terminology used in the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, is, arguably, more descriptive of the illness than manic depression, given how aptly it describes the swings from the manic pole of the illness to the depressive pole. bon jovi is like viagra for women Bipolar disorder is actually a group of mood disorders characterized by cyclical disturbances in mood, thought and behavior. These disorders all consist of alternating periods of elevated, expansive or irritable moods, called manic episodes, and depressive episodes. They differ, however, in the severity of their phases. Bipolar i disorder refers to patients who have had at least one episode of mania or mixed episodes (exhibiting symptoms of both depression and mania during the same period of time). Bipolar ii disorder refers to patients who have had both hypomania (a milder form of mania) and major depressive episodes. order viagra online Cyclothymia refers to patients who have had chronic fluctuations between hypomania and milder, subclinical depression. A critical point in distinguishing bipolar disorder from major depressive disorder is whether the patient has had a manic episode. For a patient to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder, he must have had a manic episode lasting for at least one week or a hypomanic episode lasting for at least four days. free viagra samples by mail To learn more about bipolar disorder, please visit about. generic viagra shipping from canada Com's guide to bipolar disorder. average cost of viagra Sources: jacobson, james l. And alan m. Jacobson. generic viagra Psychiatric secrets 2nd ed. viagra100 Philadelphia: hanley & belfus, 2001. where to buy viagra from Moore, david p. order viagra And james w. buy generic viagra Jefferson. Handbook of medical psychiatry 2nd ed. Philadephia: mosby, 2004. Suggested reading depression or manic depression? Can manic depression be misdiagnosed as depression? Antidepressants may not benefit those with manic depression related articles what is bipolar disorder what is bipolar disorder? A comprehensive look at the bipolar disorders spectrum bipolar disorder bipolar disorder nancy schimelpfening depression guide sign up for my newsletter headlines forum related searches handbook of medical psychiatry major depressive disorder diagnostic and statistical manual diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders explore depression must reads what is depression? buy viagra online Symptoms of depression diagnosis of depression treatment of depression living with depression most popular depression test anxiety symptoms - screening test borderline personality disorder test al.